SFC’s Development

As announced on our social media last weekend Strike Force: Contingent’s development is beginning to ramp up again. Originally this project was started late 2017, some gameplay can be seen on our website. It was highly inspired by the Socom franchise and as development begins to refocus we’ll be transforming it into something more original. The image above is a new screenshot of a very early version of our abandoned military outpost multiplayer map.

SFC will be a third person multiplayer shooter with a high emphasis on hardcore gameplay mechanics. Weapons will feel real and every encounter with another player will make your heart race. We’ve started bringing this project back by updating our game engine so we could utilize the latest tools and rendering techniques. Video games have evolved so much even since 2017 so we’ve gone back and updated allot of the mechanics as well. Now we’re on the verge of prototyping our multiplayer network with Token Accounts. There will be some exciting milestones to share as we approach the new year.

We are also working on creating an official website for the game that should go live in a week or so.


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