TC Open Beta Extended

Toon Crime launched into open beta on Halloween October 30’th 2021. Since then the game has reached almost 200+ active players and we’ve began the process to building a community.

There’s been various “quality of life” improvements, vigorous bug fixes and a handful of features implemented over the past few months. We’re currently on the verge of finishing off the casino update with gambling mini games. These casino mini games have multiplayer matchmaking and betting game currency. This update will be a great time filler between quiet moments when trying to grind up the leaderboards. Afterwards we’ll have our new forums system embedded allowing for even more interaction amongst the community. Until now our main sources of communication have been the global chat box and private messages between players.

Our initial plan was to have the game “fully released” by summer of 2022 but after reassessing development we believe it would be beneficial to everyone if we extended the open beta. This would allow us to fine tune things to a more granular level giving us time to perfect implementing future features such as farming, harvesting crops, creating/operating a gang, designing new characters, breeding pets, pet fights, pet care, maintaining weapons/armors and the list goes on. We thank everyone who’s joined the open beta, we truly appreciate your patience. Together we’re going to make this into a great game!

The open beta has been extended till spring of 2023. An official full release date has yet to be announced.


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