Token Accounts

Our newly designed Token Accounts System is currently being implemented into all of our applications. You will need an account to access multiplayer PVP & Leaderboard related features. This will enable you to compete & interact with other gamers using our applications in various ways. We are just as excited for launching this feature as we are our website because it marks the first step in connecting everyone. This feature also future proofs our development efforts allowing for things like cross-play further down the line.

Rest assured signing up for a Token Account will be a free, easy, and seamless process. We’ve designed it so you can sign up with a pre-existing social media account such as Facebook or Twitter. You wont need to purchase anything or add any kind of credit card information.

We will begin by implementing Token Accounts into our website allowing users to have a backstage pass and subscription to news and announcements. Boulder Attack will be the first game to receive this feature in the big 0.8 update. In that update we’ll be implementing a leaderboards system allowing for players to post their high scores competing against others worldwide.


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