Boulder Attack (0.65)

Boulder Attack is about defending mammoths migrating in the ice age from an onslaught of boulders. It’s our first officially published game for mobile platforms, a flagship of hope for the company, and a small bite sized sample of things to come. The latest update released June 20’th 2021 is turning out to be more important then initially anticipated.

First of all it marks us being over halfway complete developing the full 1.0 release. It’s also the middle man between our 0.6 – 0.7 update in the games development roadmap found (here). We weren’t planning on putting out update 0.65 due to it being so incremental. However, during development there happened to be so many changes/improvements to the game it started to not only play better but feel completely different in a positive way. We wanted players to experience how the game’s meant to be played and with this update it’s closer to our vision than ever before.

With features like Hero Selection, Level Selection, the addition of the new Marshlands level, heroes, and hero abilities system. The game will give you a glimpse of the potential it has and understanding of the direction we’ve been striving for since its first early (0.3 ish) release on Google Play. You can almost picture what it’s going to look like once more content is added. This update was also perfect timing with Boulder Attack’s online merch store releasing (here). Both are sharing the spotlight as traffic organically flows between them.

Since this update was released 6 days ago the user base has doubled and is estimated to nearly triple within a couple of weeks.

Finally, things are looking up! We’re excited for the future as the next 0.7 update gets finalized. We’ve began implementing our Token Accounts system in preparation for update 0.8. You can read about this system in our last news article (here).


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