Toon Crime Open Beta

We are excited to announce Toon Crime‘s Open Beta will begin October 30’th, 2021. The games development began roughly the same time as our other already released title Boulder Attack late 2020 / early 2021. We believe it’s almost ready for the public after committing vigorous changes to the overall scope of the project and core gameplay mechanics.

Toon Crime is a free to play online browser game where you take the reins of a criminal underdog starting a new life in a virtual world. You’ll be able to create a character and jump right into the action after creating an account. Token Accounts will also be fully integrated into the games account creation system. The entirety of the game is played through a web browser but rest assured it’s also optimized to run on all mobile devices.

The open beta will showcase the core gameplay mechanics & features tested, iterated and pushed to its limits. Player progression will carry over to the full release and new features will gradually be added. This will be the perfect time for players to get ahead of the competition since Toon Crime’s leaderboards system will also be live during the open beta.

Make sure you check out the game!


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