Boulder Attack

Boulder Attack 0.8

This long-awaited update is finally out on Google Play & Amazon App Stores with a long list of new additions. It’s by far our biggest update to the game introducing our leaderboards system allowing players from around the world to compete and post high scores. The new Volcano Island inhabited by some majestic prehistoric creatures breathes new life into the gameplay.

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A third-person multiplayer boots-on-the-ground realistic military shooter. Every second demands your attention. The gunplay packs a punch leaving your heart racing, eager for more.

Defend mammoths and other prehistoric creatures migrating in the ice age from an onslaught of boulders. You have to tap the boulders to break them as they’re falling down towards the mammoths. The longer you survive the higher score you’ll get!

A online browser game where you take the reins of a criminal underdog, vigilante or super villain. Create your character, buy vehicles, items, properties, and make investments along with various other activities in this quirky virtual world. Some are after money & power while others chase the high of fame. 

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SFC’s Development

As announced on our social media last weekend Strike Force: Contingent’s development is beginning to ramp up again. Originally this project was started late 2017,

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BA/TC Crossover

Boulder Attack is coming to Toon Crime. Caveman & cavewoman will be playable characters for a limited time during the open beta Halloween celebration event.

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Toon Crime Open Beta

We are excited to announce Toon Crime‘s Open Beta will begin October 30’th, 2021. The games development began roughly the same time as our other

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Boulder Attack (0.65)

Boulder Attack is about defending mammoths migrating in the ice age from an onslaught of boulders. It’s our first officially published game for mobile platforms,

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Token Accounts

Our newly designed Token Accounts System is currently being implemented into all of our applications. You will need an account to access multiplayer PVP &

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Website Is Live!

We are excited to announce our official Token Interactive Games website is now Live! It will serve as a central hub connecting all of our

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